Partner L’Acoustics  K1we are in the elite group of the 65 companies from all over the world, which are entrusted with the system K1.

Partner Outline – as the Outline GTO partner we belong to the international Outline rental network.

We have at our disposal a full range of systems for providing sound, thanks to which we are in a position to choose the right size and number of sound providing equipment in line with the needs of given event and the acoustics of the area.

We always create models and we plan the sound for each event in detail.


  • L’Acoustics K1
  • L’Acoustics K2
  • L’Acoustics Kara
  • L’Acoustics Arcs
  • L’Acoustics Kiva
  • L’Acoustics SYVA
  • L’Acoustics KS28
  • L’Acoustics K1SB
  • L’Acoustics SB28
  • L’Acoustics SB18
  • L’Acoustics SB15

Sound Processors

  • Outline Newton
  • L’Acoustics P1
  • Meyer Sound Galileo


  • Outline GTO
  • Outline GTO – C12
  • Outline Superfly
  • Outline Mantas
  • Outline DBS2-18
  • Outline LIPF – 082
  • Outline GTO-SUB

Mixing Consoles

  • Digico SD5
  • Digico SD9
  • Digico SD12
  • Midas PRO2
  • Midas PRO1
  • Yamaha QL5
  • Yamaha CL5
  • Avid Digidesign Venue Profile
  • Soundcraft Vi5000
  • Soundcraft Vi1000