Adding Outline GTO Network Partnership To L-Acoustics K1 Inventory

Adding Outline GTO Network Partnership To L-Acoustics K1 Inventory

Adam Guzdek, our CEO describes reasons for taking such a bold step:

Why did you decide to purchase the Outline systems in preference to other manufacturers’ products?

‘We chose to make a large investment in Outline products for several reasons.

Firstly, their systems are characterised by incredible precision in reproducing sound, with unprecedented SPL – the musicality of each of their products is overwhelming, as we discovered when GTO was presented to us last year. In the mixes of bands that performed, even with very densely arranged songs, there was a place for every detail and every single note. The transparency of sound offered by Outline systems puts them among the best audio systems available today, systems that will handle everything from symphonic music to heavy metal and all of them will sound amazing. That’s why we decided to become a GTO Rental Network partner and to acquire all the major Outline line array systems.’

In particular, why do the GTO, C-12 and Superfly and Mantas systems appeal to Target Sound and your business?

‘That was a decision driven by the need to diversify our technical offering for domestic and European clients. We are an L-Acoustics K1 Partner but we want to expand our business to cover more of the European market, providing audio production services at the highest levels. To do this we needed a breath of fresh air and a second brand able to perform to those international standards. Adding GTO, C-12, Superfly and Mantas 28 expands our choices and capabilities for the very diverse range of music genres and artistic programs we handle.’

In your opinion, what makes the Outline’s line-source systems stand out in today’s market from a technical point of view?

‘Outline line array systems are being specified more and more often by sound engineers because they allow them to focus on mixing. There are no inherent problems with the phase alignment of the systems and so the sound is coherent and extremely accurate. The technology used in the waveguide has a huge influence on this, specifically their unique D.P.R.W.G. (Double Parabolic Reflective Wave Guide) – in simple terms, the guys from Outline found an alternative way to produce a coherent wave with a flat frontal area. Of course the superb overall audio performance is also greatly influenced by other factors, such as the use of properly tuned chambers for the mid-bass sections.’

During the summer of 2019 Target Sound have already deployed their GTO Series loudspeakers and other Outline systems for the famous ‘Lucca Summer Festival’ in Italy – how did it go?

‘Yes, we were very happy to support so many great international artists who performed at LSF this year and to hear their sound engineers’ feedback after using Outline’s GTO series and other line array systems. Their satisfaction is the best motivation for us which confirms that we’ve made the right choice, as Outline systems clearly gain attention from the whole world and are appreciated by top artists.’

You’ve chosen to buy several NEWTON processor units, to be used at LSF and other festivals. What makes Newton’s FPGA-based processing platform stand out for you and your applications? What commercial and technical advantages do you expect it to provide?

‘For some time (and in common with many sound companies) we have been looking for the right tool to distribute signals from numerous consoles simultaneously. It turned out that the ideal solution is the new Outline Newton processor, whose discovery drew our attention to the Outline brand and its line array systems.

This small device is probably the only one on the market today that meets our requirements in terms of live work where we use many different consoles at the same time. It has enough digital and analog inputs and outputs. It is a great converter between protocols including Dante, MADI (optical, coax), AES / EBU and analogue and also features an advanced 18 x 16 matrix. Timing clock synchronisation gives us unlimited possibilities and all of this can happen automatically between formats in every direction.
Its powerful FPGA-based processor allows the use of Outline’s new, patented WFIR filters. Newton processes up to 16 input channels in parallel, to which we can assign up to four signals from any source in order to define a source backup strategy. If one of the signals is lost, it automatically switches to the next one. It’s also complemented by a double power supply.

From our point of view, we needed a device capable of handling numerous festival consoles simultaneously while maintaining flawless quality operating at 96kHz. We used them recently during a very large concert in a stadium for almost 50,000 people with nine consoles at FOH for various artists. Newton worked perfectly and the various sound engineers were delighted with its functionality and audio performance.

Beyond the product itself, special mention must be made to the Outline team who provide great support and take into account every user’s suggestion, something that is invaluable in our industry – they are also constantly working on developing the future potential of this product.’

What impresses you the most about the audio performance of Outline systems?

‘Outline’s engineers have managed to build an uncompromising set of products that are universal and uniform. It is important for us that the systems are compatible with each other so that we can use smaller modules together with larger systems, which results in savings for the user and the end customer. All the systems are complemented by the great X8 amplifiers which were obviously not chosen by accident because they give unique power, clarity, unlimited possibilities and great sound to all Outline systems. And that means that our clients are very happy with the results we deliver.’

For what types of events and projects do you plan on using them?

‘Our customers expect the highest quality service and the highest quality equipment from us. We work on many different types of events and it’s hard to find an integrated set of products that can be used on anything we do and still provide the results that we and our clients expect. That flexibility and consistent quality is what we’ve chosen Outline systems for.’

Can you describe your future investment plans for Outline products and technologies?

‘We will certainly work to expand our Outline inventory, especially the GTO (double 15”) elements. In the final analysis however, the happiness and satisfaction of our clients will be the best motivating factor for further activities and purchases.’